Seeking your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd corporate board seat? You’ve come to the right place.

With over 20 years of experience, we are the experts to help you get your seat at the table.

Whether you prefer one-on-one sessions, a hybrid program, or a DIY approach, we’ve got the solution to expedite your journey to the boardroom, ensuring the best return on your investment in time and energy.

To explore the options that best match your needs, select your key areas from our list and the services we offer for those will be displayed below.

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Information on Membership Benefits



Want to find out if you are ready for board service? This interactive course provides a brief introduction to board service and gives you a concrete answer to the question “Am I ready?” Take our exclusive personal assessment.


$ 399
You’re ready to land a seat in the corporate boardroom, but you don’t know where to start. Our DIY virtual course gives you the exact steps you need to develop your value-add and create all the elements you need to pursue board openings.

Access Pass

$ 395
DIY with unlimited access to live & recorded fireside chats & webinars for 1 year (view content library here)

Premium Access Pass

$ 795
Board opening notifications for 1 year DIY with unlimited access to live & recorded fireside chats & webinars for 1 year (view content library here)

Group Access Pass

$ 3500
DIY with unlimited access to live & recorded fireside chats & webinars for up to 15 people annually (view content library here)

Board Strategy sessions

$ 799
Use these 2-hours to have us work with you in creating or refining your board bio, review and make suggestions for your LinkedIn profile, discuss board networking strategies, help you prepare for board interviews, or work with you in creating or refining your value proposition – we are the experts to help guide you on your board journey.

Board Bio Writing Concierge Package

$ 2949
Work with our Women in the Boardroom Board Strategist to write your board documents in a way that captures the attention of board nominating committees. With this package, you will work with our Board Strategist to craft expertly written board documents that: Showcase your unique personal brand Include both a compelling personal bio and profile that highlight your value-add Allow […]

Board Document Design Package

$ 400
Creating an effective board bio goes beyond writing. Ensuring your board bio is professional, well-formatted, and visually compelling is key to getting noticed by board-nominating committees. We have our own proven approach to designing visually powerful board bios. Benefits: Well-formatted board-ready documents Highlight your unique talents Utilize our professional designers

Complete Concierge Package

$ 4600
If you’re ready to skyrocket your journey to the boardroom, this package will ensure your board documents and LinkedIn are all optimized for board service. Receive a discount when you go all in and truly set yourself up to get noticed by board-nominating committees. Benefits: Board Document Writing Concierge Package Board Document Design Concierge Package LinkedIn Profile Concierge Package

Annual Membership: VIP III

$ 1950
Notification of corporate board opportunities Unlimited access to live and on demand fireside chats & webinars (view content library here) Invitation to Board Assembly event Invitation to Virtual Circles 4/year Invitation to Public Director Virtual Circles 2/year (must currently be a Public Director) Invitations to Quarterly Q&A Sessions along with our VIP members & Sheila Ronning The VIP III level […]

Annual Membership: VIP II

$ 3500
Includes everything from VIP III In addition you receive one-on-one sessions with our Board Strategist on your personalized profile: For all of these: The knowledge of your unique expertise A compelling value proposition/elevator pitch Networking strategies to get the best ROI on your time and energy Learn how to create cover letters that will get you in the yes pile […]

Annual Membership: VIP I

$ 5000
Includes everything from VIP II & III In addition: Exclusive Board Connections at VIP I only Virtual Circles 2/year Accountability partner to help you reach your goals Information on benefits can be found here

Luminary Group A

$ 4000
Our Luminary Group A is a hybrid of a VIP II membership and a peer advisory group. Groups are 8 to 12 of your peers, your accountability partners Mixed in along with six group sessions you will have one-on-one meetings with Sheila Ronning that will focus on your personalized profile Group sessions are paced at a cadence for rapid feedback […]

Luminary Group B

$ 2500
Our Luminary Group B peer advisory option is designed to provide you with a community to receive valuable feedback and suggestions. In addition, in Group B you will not be placed with other individuals who share your main industry experience to help facilitate increased board connections. Groups are 8 to 12 of your peers, your accountability partners Group sessions are […]

Luminary Program

$ 25000
Networking is the key to landing a corporate board seat. However, you might not have the right network, the time, or perhaps you do not enjoy networking. The good news is that we can help. With over 20 years of experience in this space, we have cultivated an expansive network of corporate board members and created a program to facilitate […]

Corporate Program

Executives participating in this experience will: Use the WIB proven and prescribed board journey process to obtain a board seat Identify and own the skill sets, experiences, capabilities, and impact that qualify them for board service Build and promote an enterprise level, board-ready personal brand Leverage proven networking strategies to make true connections with influencers and connectors Stand out as […]

Corporate Sponsorship

Connect with our network. 78% of our connections are corporate officers and 13% are senior level executives Our linkedin page has 160,000+ followers and growing For more information go here