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Featured Stories

  • “When I learned that my board needed to recruit for a board member, I felt it would be important to involve WIB even though we were also working with an executive search firm. I wanted to ensure we received the most talented women possible to enhance the slate that we would receive from the executive search firm. The WIB board opening notification process was very straightforward, I just needed to include a description of the company; board position description & key requirements for the position." ”
    Pam Carlton
    President of Springboard
  • “Within my first year of membership, I was connected to Kaiser Aluminum, a public company with over 2 Billion in revenue. They had two upcoming board seats that would be vacant and reached out to WIB to help find the right people. The coaching I received from Sheila Ronning helped me to be well-prepared for the board interviews I landed for Kaiser Aluminum. I am thrilled to say that within the following 18 months, I was elected by the Board of Directors to fill one of the vacant spots. And now, today, I am in the running for an additional board seat that I learned of through Women In The Boardroom’s notifications. I highly recommend the WIB VIP Membership to any executive woman preparing or looking for a public company corporate board seat."”
    Teresa Sebastian
  • The Women in the Boardroom preparation process has enabled me to land two corporate board seats. The various webinars and one-on-one sessions with Sheila helped me understand how board placement works and prepared me for my board interviews. I have been able to position myself as a competitive applicant for board opportunities. The process continues to work for me!”
    Deb Elam
    President & CEO, Corporate Playbook
  • I landed my first corporate board seat by reading everything that there was to read provided by WIB, watching all Women in the Boardroom webinars, and doing exactly as Sheila recommended.”
    Keira Krausz
    Chief Marketing Officer of HPOne
  • After my first ABA, I was approached by another ABA attendee in search of a Board member. He pitched me the Board seat, I interviewed and got the offer. It immediately demonstrated the power of the ABA.”
    Anne DelSanto
    Independent Board Director
  • You have done so much for my candidacy. I sincerely appreciate how hard you work to prepare women for board roles and importantly, gain open opportunities for us. These few words do not fully express my appreciation for you and your team.”
    Peggy B Scott
    Board Chair and Advisor to Public & Private Companies
  • As a VIP member of WIB one of the many benefits of membership is being notified of various board openings. One of the board openings that came through was for a mutual fund, Columbia Threadneedle, and I am thrilled that I am now on their board of directors. I am extremely grateful to WIB for making this possible. I would not have known of this opportunity nor been able to apply for the position had it not been for WIB. In addition, the advice from Sheila Ronning and the board and executive coaches, and the knowledge provided through their webinars really helped me. I will continue to be a VIP member and I encourage anyone else seeking a corporate board seat to join as well.”
    Sandy Yeager
    Independent Director, Columbia Threadneedle Funds
  • When I contacted Women in the Boardroom, I was overwhelmed with qualified candidates. This was a stark contrast to my experience in forming a board nearly four years ago. The greatest difficulty I had was picking only one to fill the only vacant seat we had.”
    Thomas Toscano Esq. MBA
    CEO/President Mr. T. Carting
  • I very much appreciated my connection to Women in the Boardroom. The resources and recorded webinars were excellent. The one-on-one calls were inspirational and provided advice and understanding about how I was hindering myself by not using my network appropriately.”
    Maryann Miller
    SVP & Chief Administrative Officer, AVNET
  • The strength and energy Sheila Ronning has is incredible. She builds up women more than she could ever imagine.”
    Becky Pratt
    President, Mattan Pratt Consulting, LLC
  • The candidate pool at WIB is outstanding. Every candidate we reviewed was highly qualified and genuinely interested and supportive of our mission. Sheila and her team were very supportive and provided guidance throughout the entire process. WIB is second to none for board directors.”
    Francisco Gomez
    Founder I PRIMARI Analytics
  • I am delighted to announce that I was recently approved by the shareholders to serve on the Westwater Resources, Inc. [WWR (NASDAQ)], Board of Directors as an independent director. I am also serving as Chair of WWR’s Audit Committee, and am on the Compensation Committee. I was only able to take advantage of this opportunity through my Women in the Boardroom (WIB) VIP membership. This position was posted through WIB’s board opening notification program for VIP members only. As the requirements and my skills were a strong match, I applied for the board opening through WIB. Sheila Ronning was a terrific advocate for me throughout and I met the Board Chair at the Annual Board Assembly event. This all led to my appointment as an independent director for Westwater Resources. I have been a VIP Member of WIB for several years and have benefited immensely from the coaching, networking process, and board resume services offered by WIB. I find that WIB has numerous (and terrific) postings for board positions, and with clear criteria for what the company is ideally looking for, making it easy to match my qualifications to the opportunities. The process works! I definitely recommend WIB to women seeking a first or additional board positions.”
    Deborah A. Peacock
    P.E., Registered Patent Attorney and Corporate Board Director
  • As a VIP member, Women in the Boardroom provided me with a place to start and the structured process I needed. The preparation of my personal value add, and the focused and highly instructional webinars were also very beneficial. Also, as a VIP member of WIB, I had access to the Board Openings Notification program, which informed me of many board seat opportunities. Had it not been for my VIP membership, I would not have had visibility to these opportunities. Ultimately, my membership with Women in the Boardroom, led me to joining the Board of Directors for Darling Ingredients, a $3.3B global company creating sustainable feed, food, & fuel for a growing population. Along the way, I met many amazing like-minded women. I’ll be forever grateful to WIB for the preparation and access during my board journey.”
    Beth Albright
    Independent Director at Darling Ingredients

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