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    Combination of Coaching Sessions, or Accountability Calls or Check-ins

    Perhaps the most important benefit you get with your VIP I or II membership is one-on-one, personalized strategy sessions (…)

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    Board Opening Notifications

    Stay ahead of the pack and be among the first (and few) to hear about corporate board openings (…)

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    Events & Workshops

    These events are designed to help you stay focused and support you on your board journey, keep you up to date on issues facing boards and make you a strong board member (…)

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    Board Assemblies

    Our twice-yearly Board Assemblies are the highlight of our member event calendar (…)

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    Group Welcome Calls

    We know we are covering a lot of ground here and you will have questions as you progress along the journey (…)

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    Educational Webinars

    Make sure you take advantage of our webinars in which industry experts and experienced members on boards discuss complex, timely topics facing boards such as (…)

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    Themed Virtual Circles

    Members network to share professional and personal tips and challenges related to a specific topic in small groups (…)

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    Partner Perks

    As a Women in the Boardroom member, you’re granted access to the Equilar Diversity Network and Board Edge Database (…)

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    Exclusive Connections

    (VIP 1 only) Instrumental connections/ introductions to help with next steps (…)

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    Quarterly Q&A’s

    We hold member Q&A calls on a quarterly basis (…)

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Success in the Boardroom

Presenting to a board of directors is an important part of an existing or developing executive’s job – whether it is their own internal board or a board of their clients’ and prospects. It is critical that they hit the mark. We have created the Success in the Boardroom (SIB) program to work with men and women in your organization on developing and maintaining the skills needed to ensure effective interactions with boards of directors. This program provides coaching on how to interact most effectively with a board. Our programs are designed to correspond with the seniority and title of participating individuals.

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