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Luminary Group A

Our Luminary Group A is a hybrid of a VIP II membership and a peer advisory group.

  • Groups are 8 to 12 of your peers, your accountability partners
  • Mixed in along with six group sessions you will have one-on-one meetings with Sheila Ronning that will focus on your personalized profile
  • Group sessions are paced at a cadence for rapid feedback and results
  • Each group session is facilitated by Sheila Ronning to ensure they are focused and productive

After your group and individual sessions you will have:

  • The knowledge of your unique expertise
  • A compelling value proposition/elevator pitch
  • Networking strategies to get the best ROI on your time and energy
  • Increased board connections
  • Refined drafts of your board documents to showcase your accomplishments and achievements
  • A polished board-ready personal brand & LinkedIn profile
  • Interview prep to get you one step closer to reaching your goal
  • Learn how to create cover letters that will get you in the yes pile
  • All while gaining wisdom and feedback from your peers with shared experiences

Until the end of your 6th session, you will receive these additional resources:

  • Notification of corporate board opportunities
  • Unlimited access to live and on demand fireside chats & webinars (view content library here)
  • Invitations to Quarterly Q&A Sessions along with our VIP members

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