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Board Opening Notification Statistics

Over the last three years, our VIP members, on average, have been notified of 37 board opening opportunities per year! These opportunities have been evenly distributed between public and private companies and for these opportunities, we have facilitated over 1,000 connections on behalf of our members.

On average, 20% of our members become finalists for the opportunity, with an average of 15% securing the board seat. Less than 12% of these opportunities have required potential candidates to be a Qualified Financial Expert, and less than 18% have required previous board experience.

The Secret to Reaching Your Goals

Did you know that when you set a goal and consciously commit to achieving it, your chances of success is 25%? Deciding on a specific time frame increases that likelihood to 40%. Developing a detailed plan on how to achieve it further boosts your success rate to 50%. However, the key to achieving a remarkable 95% success rate in reaching your goals lies in having an accountability partner that you schedule regular check-ins with and who is just as dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

Look no further because we are the accountability partner you need.

More on how we can assist you

Serving on a corporate board can be prestigious as well as being a resume and reputation builder. Working your network is the key to getting your seat at the table but doing it the right way, the first time is essential. And before you start, making sure your personal brand reflects your qualifications and being able to clearly articulate your value add is critical. Doing this work will take your time and energy, just like any other goal you’ve achieved.

The good news is, you have found us. We are the experts to help you reach your corporate board goals. On average our members get their first board seat in their second year of being a member (if not in their first). This compared to other organizations stating it can take up to 3 to 5 years is extraordinary.

Tina Donikowski said she truly believes her membership with us contributed to her securing a board position. In fact, she points to our networking process and branding conversations to be, by far, the most impactful aspect of landing three public corporate board roles within 6 months of joining. She isn’t the only one and you can see other testimonials here.

As you start your journey, you might be looking for do-it-yourself, ala carte options or maybe you are interested in a program to guide you step-by-step working one-on-one with you on your personal profile or your interest might be in a hybrid program consisting of one-on-one personalized sessions along with participating in facilitated peer advisory groups creating a circle of trust, receiving valuable feedback and sharing experiences.

At Women in the Boardroom, after working with 1000’s of female executives in the past 20+ years we have learned that women know what they want and don’t want. We now offer something for just about everyone working on reaching their goal of getting a corporate board seat.

We strive to accelerate your journey to the boardroom all while providing you with the best ROI with your investment, time and energy.

About Women in the Boardroom™

Since 2002, we have been the experts that help you get your seat at the table. We provide a customized step-by-step approach to getting on your 1st, 2nd or 3rd corporate board that includes exclusive programs such as our Matchmaking Program™, Annual Board Assembly and proven networking process. And with nearly 50% of our VIP Members serving on corporate boards, our proven process works!

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