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  • Members enjoy the following benefits:

    Annual Memberships

    Whether you are in a VIP I, VIP II or II membership, Women in the Boardroom has you covered (…)

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    Board Opening Notifications

    Stay ahead of the pack and be among the first (and few) to hear about corporate board openings (…)

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    Your Personal Brand

    We can work with you in creating or refining your board bio, review and make suggestions for your LinkedIn profile, discuss board networking strategies (…)

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    Accountability Partner

    (VIP I only) Research indicates that when you set a goal and commit to working towards its achievement, your chance of success is (…)

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    Webinars & Fireside Chats

    Make sure you take advantage of our webinars and fireside chats in which industry experts and experienced members on boards discuss complex (…)

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    Board Assembly

    The Board Assembly stands out as a key event for our VIP members. The primary objective of this event is to facilitate stronger (…)

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    Themed Virtual Circles

    Members network to share professional and personal tips and challenges related to a specific topic in small groups (…)

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    Exclusive Connections

    (VIP 1 only) Instrumental connections/ introductions to help with next steps (…)

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    Quarterly Q&A's

    Held on a quarterly basis, these Q&A sessions serve as a platform for various purposes. We offer updates on board opening opportunities (…)

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