Navigating the Five Styles of Negotiation Engagement

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Navigating the Five Styles of Negotiation Engagement

When you negotiate, should you disclose your objectives in a negotiation and if so, how much is too much disclosure? How should you go about revealing your negotiating requirements? The answers will depend on your own personal style as well as the person on the other side and how you want them to perceive you.  As a woman, it is also critical that you understand the negotiating styles of others – men and women – understanding that your positioning will almost always be based on your assessment of who you are negotiating with and how you can optimize your style and approach into a winning strategy.


By the end of this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to identify the negotiation styles of others
  • How to Identify your own negotiation style and adapt to the situation at hand
  • How to negotiate effectively by positioning yourself for a win-win outcome




Dr. Yasmin Davidds

Date & Time

April 30, 2013
12:00 PM ET

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About the Speaker

Dr. Yasmin Davidds

PSY.D, M.C.C., Founder & CEO of Women’s Institute of Negotiation

Dr. Yasmin Davidds is an international bestselling author, women’s empowerment and negotiation specialist and an expert in the world-renowned KARRASS negotiation
program. As one of the top leading female negotiation experts in the U.S. and Latin America, Yasmin has trained and consulted thousands of corporate leaders in over 200 blue chip companies throughout 22 countries in the art and skill of negotiation. Her clients have ranged from senior judges to tribal leaders, from unionized prison guards to accountants, and from railroad officials to diplomatic trainees. Her practical experience includes a wide range of public and private sector efforts in Brazil, Columbia, Argentina, England, France, Spain, South Africa and the U.S.
She has helped lead intervention and assistance programs to disputing parties and has advised corporate, non-profit and governmental teams on how to prepare for important negotiations.
As a leading negotiation public speaker, Yasmin has presented to companies such as Proctor and Gamble, General Electric, Wal-mart, Coca Cola, American Express, Johnson and Johnson, Microsoft and Apple among many others.
As a women empowerment specialist, she has conducted hundreds of presentations to organizations in some of the nation’s most prestigious universities including Stanford,
Harvard and the University of Southern California (USC). Yasmin’s commitment to the empowerment of women has brought her recognition and acclaims from the U.S.
Congress, the California State Senate and the California State Assembly.
A graduate of USC with a degree in Business Entrepreneurship, Yasmin went on to receive her Master’s Degree in Women Studies and her doctorate degree in Organizational Psychology. For more information about Dr. Yasmin Davidds and her work, please visit

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