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Individual Membership

Individual Membership Benefits

Annual Memberships

  • Notification of corporate board opportunities
  • Unlimited access to live and on demand fireside chats & webinars (view content library here)
  • Invitation to Board Assembly event
  • Invitation to Virtual Circles 4/year
  • Invitation to Public Director Virtual Circles 2/year (must currently be a Public Director)
  • Invitations to Quarterly Q&A Sessions along with our VIP members & Sheila Ronning

The VIP III level is a DIY membership. No personalized one-on-one sessions are included


Includes everything from VIP III

In addition you receive one-on-one sessions with our Board Strategist on your personalized profile:
For all of these:

  • The knowledge of your unique expertise
  • A compelling value proposition/elevator pitch
  • Networking strategies to get the best ROI on your time and energy
  • Learn how to create cover letters that will get you in the yes pile

*And one of these:

  • Refine drafts of your board documents to showcase your accomplishments and achievements
  • A polished board-ready personal brand & LinkedIn profile
  • Interview prep to get you one step closer to reaching your goal

Includes everything from VIP II & III

In addition:

  • Exclusive Board Connections at VIP I only Virtual Circles 2/year
  • Accountability partner to help you reach your goals
  • * VIP I’s get all of these

Board Opening Notifications

Stay ahead of the pack and be among the first (and few) to hear about corporate board openings.

We are not a search firm, but through our 20+ years of experience in working with women to secure positions on corporate boards, we have cultivated relationships with thousands of board members, influencers, and connectors. They are aware that we maintain a comprehensive database of intelligent, accomplished, qualified, and diverse women. Consequently, they frequently turn to us when seeking their next board member.

Your Personal Brand

We can work with you in creating or refining your board bio, review and make suggestions for your LinkedIn profile, discuss board networking strategies, help you prepare for board interviews, or work with you in creating or refining your value proposition – we are the experts to help guide you on your board journey.

Webinars & Fireside Chats

Make sure you take advantage of our webinars and fireside chats in which industry experts and experienced members on boards discuss complex, timely topics facing corporate boards such as negotiation, ESG, shareholder activism, litigation, finance, governance, cyber-security, crisis management, and artificial intelligence, to name a few.

We also tackle key milestones in the board journey such as how to prepare for a board interview, how to raise your board-ready profile and how to power up your LinkedIn profile.

Our on-demand webinar library and website host over 250 webinars, workshops, articles, podcasts, and blogs. Webinars are recorded and members can access at anytime.

Board Assembly

The Board Assembly stands out as a key event for our VIP members.

The primary objective of this event is to facilitate stronger connections among our VIP members, as well as fostering relationships with board members and board connectors. When the event is conducted virtually, we integrate an educational component into the program. Whether in person or online, we ensure a well-organized networking segment, aiming to enable you to introduce yourself to a maximum number of attendees. Our goal is to ensure your readiness for this event, and to assist you in presenting yourself effectively, we offer a preparation session. This ensures that you not only make the most of this networking opportunity but also present yourself in the best possible way.

Quarterly Q&A’s

Held on a quarterly basis, these Q&A sessions serve as a platform for various purposes. We offer updates on board opening opportunities, provide additional resources to support you on your journey, and encourage our members to submit questions or share situations they need help with. To create a safe and open environment, we have established a process for members to submit their questions anonymously. Sheila, our expert, will provide insightful and straightforward answers and advice. Even if you don’t have a specific question, these forums always offer new insights and ideas.

Themed Virtual Circles

Members network to share professional and personal tips and challenges related to a specific topic in small groups. These sessions offer a confidential structured environment to share and connect with board-aspiring and board-experienced members.

We offer several all-member Virtual Circles annually as well as more focused Circles designed for Women of Color, VIP I’s, and those who sit on Public Boards.

Exclusive Connections

(VIP I only) Instrumental connections/ introductions to help with next steps.  These will happen naturally as we get to know you during our sessions but will also happen at our VIP I-only Virtual Circles.

Accountability Partner

(VIP I only) Research indicates that when you set a goal and commit to working towards its achievement, your chance of success is approximately 25%. However, by incorporating regular calls with a dedicated and passionate accountability partner who is committed to helping you reach your goals, your likelihood of success skyrockets to an impressive 95%.

If your ambition is to secure a position on a corporate board, we are the accountability partner you need to ensure your journey to success.

About Women in the Boardroom™

Since 2002, we have been the experts that help you get your seat at the table. We provide a customized step-by-step approach to getting on your 1st, 2nd or 3rd corporate board that includes exclusive programs such as our Matchmaking Program™, Annual Board Assembly and proven networking process. And with nearly 50% of our VIP Members serving on corporate boards, our proven process works!

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