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Our 100th board seat opening

100th board opening

NEW YORK, NY – May 24, 2016 – Women in the Boardroom (WIB), a leading global organization committed to advancing women in the workplace and into corporate boardrooms, announced today its 100th corporate board seat opening, a significant milestone that underscores Women in the Boardroom’s strong track record of consistently bringing corporate board opportunities to its members.

“This demonstrates our commitment and dedication to helping qualified women move into corporate boardrooms,” said Sheila Ronning, Women in the Boardroom’s CEO and founder. “We are proud of all the women we have helped get seats at boardroom tables and look forward to continuing to strategically connect our members with board seats that match their skill sets and experience.”

Board opening notifications are one of the benefits included in Women in the Boardroom VIP membership, a program that has proven its efficacy and has resulted in the appointments of VIP members to boards such as Travelzoo, Integral Board Group, PCS Edventures and the KNOCK Advisory Board.

About Women in the Boardroom:

Women in the Boardroom (WIB) is committed to translating the intellect, skills and expertise of their members into inaugural or additional powerful corporate director roles. They do this by ensuring their members have a board portfolio that highlights their skill set for board positioning and teaching them how to network their way to a corporate board seat. Other WIB offerings designed to connect their members with board contacts include WIB’s Matchmaking Program, board opening notifications and exclusive invites to events such as the Annual Board Assembly. Senior-level executive women are encouraged to join as a member of WIB to accelerate their path into the corporate boardroom. As one of the top board experts in the US, Sheila Ronning, Founder and CEO of WIB, is frequently invited to speak on topics such as finding out if corporate board service is right for you, networking your way into a corporate board seat, authentic leadership and entrepreneurialism.


About Women in the Boardroom™

Since 2002, we have been the experts that help you get your seat at the table. We provide a customized step-by-step approach to getting on your 1st, 2nd or 3rd corporate board that includes exclusive programs such as our Matchmaking Program™, Annual Board Assembly and proven networking process. And with nearly 50% of our VIP Members serving on corporate boards, our proven process works!

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