The Role of the Board in Driving Innovation: What questions to ask? | Women in the Boardroom


The Role of the Board in Driving Innovation: What questions to ask?

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The term innovation invokes different sentiments amongst different leaders. Some believe in it as a primary growth driver, while others view it as nice to have. Some know how to systematically build the culture of innovation, while others just wonder why it is declining?

This mindset variation shows up in their behavior, and employees can see when it is for real or just a theater.
Innovation is not hard; it is perceived to be hard and risky. It can be structured to reduce risk.

WHAT: In this brief overview, you will become familiar with a few fundamental models for systematic, systemic, and sustainable innovation. These include defining an innovation purpose, building the innovation profile, and most importantly re-building the people mindset.

WHY: Board members will be able to use the learnings to influence leadership attitude towards innovation driven growth.

HOW: The content is an outcome of a decade of research on innovation management, three decades of innovation leadership practice, and engagement with global thought leaders developing ISO standards for innovation management.


Sheila Ronning, David Koenig, Ripi Singh

Date & Time

February 21, 2023
12:00 PM ET

About the Speakers

Sheila Ronning

CEO & Founder, Women in the Boardroom

Sheila Ronning is CEO & Founder of Women in the Boardroom, a professional membership organization providing senior-level executive women with the tools, knowledge, and connections for corporate board service.

Considered a pioneer in the industry and by her peers, Sheila broke the mold in 2002 with the launch of Women in the Boardroom, by being the first to form such an organization with customized executive training programs and networking opportunities, creating a proven program and process for women to enter board service.

Since its founding, Sheila has grown Women in the Boardroom into an organization with international outreach across multiple industries and countless private and public boardrooms, including Fortune 100 companies.

David Koenig

President and Chief Executive Officer, The DCRO Institute

David R. Koenig is the award-winning author of Governance Reimagined:
Organizational Design, Risk, and Value Creation and The Board Member’s Guide
to Risk. He has served on both for-profit and non-profit boards and as a chief
executive officer. He created corporate risk management programs at three
different companies and has managed complex financial portfolios in excess of
tens of billions of dollars in size. He is the President and CEO of The DCRO
Institute, serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Risk Management in
Financial Institutions, is the founder of the Directors and Chief Risk Officers group
(the DCRO), and is a co-founder of the Professional Risk Managers International
Association (PRMIA).

Ripi Singh

Author,Digital Transformation Catalyst & Innovation Coach, Inspiring Next

Ripi Singh is an innovation coach focused on digital transformation for a purpose. A former Professor of engineering, former R&D executive from fortune 500, author of 19 books, advisor to 7 institutes, editor for 2 international journals, Ripi has delivered over 30 keynote lectures around digital transformation in 10 countries since Covid. He serves as US expert for ISO 56000 on innovation management and Vice Chair for Global Interest Group on Industry 4.0 for infrastructure safety.

For this 4.0 work, American Society for NDT just awarded him the 2022 Robert McMaster Gold Medal. In addition, he has won President of Indian Cash Prize for outstanding research, Calcutta convention award for Excellence in Technical Education, and was awarded US Citizenship for outstanding abilities in 2007. He holds a PhD in Engineering and MS in Business Strategy, being a university valedictorian throughout.

He has failed to deliver on more than a dozen occasions, and yet that does not discourage him to venture into the unknown, every now and then. A creative artist at heart, an engineer by training, with courage to fail (stupidity) is what makes him an innovator.

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