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The Board’s Role in Corporate Culture

Modern management theorist Peter Drucker famously said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”, meaning that the best-formulated strategy will be difficult to achieve unless it’s aligned with the company’s culture. Boards should understand the company’s culture and its impact on strategy, operations and external elements. A well-defined corporate culture embraced throughout the organization can serve as a touchstone when addressing the challenges of global organizations, risk management, human capital, leadership and a host of other situations. During this webinar with Howard Brownstein and Angela Brock-Kyle, we will discuss:

  • Whether, when and/or how the board should consider corporate culture
  • Understanding where culture may be misaligned with strategy
  • Addressing cultural inconsistencies within the organization and across geographies
  • How to effect changes in culture when necessary


Howard Brownstein, Angela Brock-Kyle

Date & Time

January 11, 2019
12:00 PM ET


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About the Speakers

Howard Brownstein

President & Founder of The Brownstein Corporation

Howard Brod Brownstein is President and Founder of The Brownstein Corporation, a nationally-known turnaround and crisis management firm. Mr. Brownstein regularly serves as an independent board member, and he currently chairs the Nominating & Governance and Strategic Planning & Risk Assessment Committees of P&F Industries (NasdaqGM: PFIN), and also serves on the board of Merakey, a large nonprofit with more than 10,000 employees. He served until recently on the Board of A.M. Castle & Co. (OTMKTS: CASL), and was Audit Chair of PICO Holdings (Nasdaq: PICO). He previously served on the Board of LMG2, was the sole board member of Betsey Johnson LLC, was Audit Chair of Special Metals Corp., and served on the board of Magnatrax Corporation. He also was chairman of the National Philanthropic Trust, and served on the board of a regional bank, a retail department store, and was chairman of a United Way agency. He has published over eighty articles, books and chapters, on turnaround management and corporate governance.

Angela Brock-Kyle

Founder & CEO of B.O.A.R.D.S.

Angela Brock-Kyle is Founder and CEO of B.O.A.R.D.S., a privately held governance, strategy and risk advisory firm launched in 2013. She is an Independent Trustee of the Guggenheim/Rydex Funds serving on the audit, compliance and risk, and governance committees and the YMCA Retirement Fund Board serving on the investment and governance committees. Angela previously chaired the Audit Committee of Infinity Property and Casualty Corporation (NASDAQ) and served on its Nominating and Governance committee. Prior to pursuing board and governance work, Angela spent her 25-year career in investments, risk management and as a senior leader at TIAA.

Angela was recognized in 2016 by Directors & Boards Magazine as a Director to Watch, by the NACD as one of 100 influential directors in 2015 and is an NACD Board Leadership Fellow.

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