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Views from the Boardroom

Emily Youssouf’s View from the Boardroom


Board Member, Chair of Governance Committee & Member of Audit Committee at JPMorgan ETF
Board Member, Member of Audit, Risk & Related Parties Committees at PFSI
VIP Member, Women in the Boardroom



Emily’s keys to success:

  1. Reading and studying the board documents prior to the first meeting, doing research on issues for the particular industry and not being afraid to ask questions are essential
  2. Requesting time with senior management to gain an understanding of their issues, how the company functions and their expectations of board members help you for the first board meeting


What made you decide that you wanted to become a corporate board member?

During my career I had been appointed to and still serve on three Public Benefit Corporation Boards, the NYC Health and Hospitals; NYC School Construction Authority and NYS Job Development Authority. I have found my service to be rewarding and interesting. I learned how a board can have positive influences on an organization.


How did you get connected to your first board seat?

I connected to my board seats through individuals I worked with over the years who understood my skills.


What characteristic or behavior did you exhibit that you believe was a critical factor in your successful candidacy for your first board appointment?

I believe my work on large governmental authority boards, my 25 years of investment banking, understanding capital markets and having been president of a public benefit corporation gave me the confidence to interview successfully. I learned to listen well, think strategically, analyze difficult issues and offer solutions. Demonstrating these attributes during interviews was important.


Tell us about your first year as a board director. Are there information, tips or suggestions you can share?

Identify someone on the board who you can develop a good rapport with in the beginning, in order to ask questions about the best way to present ideas to the board and get the insider view of how the board operates and interacts with management. Each company and board have different cultures and preferred methods of interactions. The faster you understand the culture the better, unlike being an employee you do not have daily contact to learn the culture.


Emily Youssouf is a board member, chair of governance committee and member of the audit committee at JPMorgan ETF, as well as a board member, member of the audit, risk and related parties committees at PFSI (PennyMac Financial Services Inc).  She is also an adjunct professor at NYU Schack Institute of Real Estate. Formerly, she was an investment banker for 25-years and president of NYCHDC.

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