By Sheila Ronning, CEO & Founder of Women in the Boardroom | Women in the Boardroom


If You're Unwilling to Help Other Women, You Aren’t Welcome Here

By Sheila Ronning, CEO & Founder of Women in the Boardroom

The foundation of Women in the Boardroom is women helping other women.  We encourage females to connect and learn from one another on their journeys to the boardroom and provide each other with the inspiration, guidance and knowledge to ultimately advance their careers.  I find women are more than willing to assist each other in these ways.  In fact, if you aren’t willing, you are not welcome at Women in the Boardroom.  It is that simple.


The path to the boardroom can be a lonely place. It can be confusing and even intimidating at times. There will be road blocks, hurdles and blind spots on this journey.  But the wonderful thing about being part of a group like Women in the Boardroom is that you meet women who have been where you are now and can help you get where you want to go.


This doesn’t mean that our organization doesn’t appreciate and value men too.  There are many men who also want to see more women on corporate boards and are extremely willing to assist us in getting there.  But men are already the ones filling the seats in boardrooms. They do not need a group like this.  I know of no organization called Men in the Boardroom.


I insist that our group, Women in the Boardroom, provides a place where women can share their experiences, learn from leadership and board experts, grow in their confidence and become more board-savvy.  This is exactly why we produce programs that build skills to take you to the boardroom, why we encourage mentoring, and why we coach women so they can present themselves as being as capable for board service as they really are.  It is also why I love connecting women with the people and tools they need to succeed in business and the boardroom.  I want to help women achieve their goals.


At a past Women in the Boardroom event, the wonderful Susan McPherson spoke on the importance of building relationships and why they are key to achieving success in and out of the boardroom.  I couldn’t agree more.  It is a mistake to think you can truly fulfill your professional goals if you don’t broaden your relationships. And not just networking up the corporate ladder either. It is critical to connect to those all around you and not only gain knowledge and understanding, but provide it as well, so we can all learn from each others’ challenges and triumphs.


This is why I get so excited about our in-person events. I enjoy facilitating the meetings of like-minded women and watching them learn from one another. Our events are a place to receive invaluable advice, find inspiration, and broaden and strengthen critical connections. They are a place where women will help other women.


If you can’t make it to a Women in the Boardroom event, connect with me.  I can offer you assistance on how to use your network to gain a board seat, introduce you to women who will be instrumental in your development, and speak with you on all the benefits of becoming a part of the Women in the Boardroom membership.


This isn’t a journey to take alone. Behind every great woman who makes it to the boardroom is a group of women who helped her get there.


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