How To Develop Your Pep Talk | Women in the Boardroom

How To Develop Your Pep Talk

We appreciate your openness and willingness to share your board journey experience. Please pick one or more themes from the list provided below. Whenever possible, tell a story from your experience vs. providing straight advice. Try to avoid comments such as “You should” or “What you need to do is…”. Please be sure to record one video per theme (do not create a single video that covers multiple themes.

Tips To Ensure A High Quality Video:

  • Record in a distraction-free space with little to no ambient noise around you.
  • Lighting should be behind the camera and/or coming at you from the front and sides equally.
  • Avoid shooting in front of a busy background.
  • Wear a solid-colored top (avoid patterns or white).
  • Frame the video to focus on your face and shoulders.
  • Talk to the camera lens as if you are speaking to another person.
  • Very Important: Once you begin to record…
    • Count to three before you begin to speak.
    • Start with your name and number of years of board Service or if you are also pursuing your first board seat.
    • After you are done speaking, count to three before stopping the recording.
  • Be sure to check your videos for audio and video quality before submitting.


  • What is it like to serve on a board? (Stories of impact, self-fulfillment, connections, etc. are great here)
  • How have you leveraged Women in the Boardroom to advance your board journey?
  • Why is it so important to make time to develop your personal brand from a “board” perspective?
  • Motivate women during networking. Share go-to strategies for making true connections. Encourage women concerned about reaching out to their network or nervous about asking for introductions.
  • How do you do your due diligence to decide if a board is right for you?
  • What do you do or see others do to “lead strong” as board members?