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Executive Coaching from Women in the Boardroom®

Executive Coaching offers an opportunity for senior leaders to accelerate personal development through a coaching process that delivers behavior change linked to business results. Our experienced coaches will develop and enhance the skills and leadership behaviors of those who are critical to the future of their organization’s ever-changing, competitive and complex business environment. Through a candid, penetrating short-term coaching process, our coaches help individuals recognize their strengths, as well as their blind spots, as leaders learn to increase leadership and overall organizational effectiveness.

Typical executive coaching engagements include, but are not limited to:

  • Assessing leadership competencies
  • Identifying derailers
  • Career assessment
  • Preparation for career growth
  • Team coaching


Coaching is designed to meet the unique needs of the individual while driving organizational needs of the firm by:

  • Developing new insights into the leaders’ skills, attitudes and behaviors that will better enable them to support the new strategy of the business
  • Equipping participants with innovative methods to lead changes in their organizations
  • Enabling the leader to work more effectively with their respective teams to optimize their contributions
  • Enabling the leader to work more effectively with new managers, and adjusting to priorities
  • Creating specific action plans to facilitate both immediate success and long term development


Phase I:   Identification of Desired Outcomes

  • Evaluate and establish standards to measure the success of delivered services

Phase II: Data Gathering

  • Leaders learn how they are perceived through the use of validated assessment tools, a comprehensive developmental interview and a standardized 360 feedback survey or interviews

Phase III: Coaching Sessions

  • Scheduled on a regular basis
  • Customized to meet the specific needs of the leader and the organization
  • Coaching is anchored in achieving measurable results linked to identified business objectives

Phase IV: Action Planning and Follow-up

Participant and coach develop a highly specific action plan to sustain changes focusing on individual opportunities, team opportunities and broader organizational opportunities and issues. Progress is evaluated against desired outcomes.



All coaching programs include a complimentary 30-minute orientation session to identify coaching objectives, select appropriate program and assessment instruments.

Targeted Executive Coaching is designed to help an executive address a specific opportunity or challenge—typical engagements include transitioning to a new role, aligning a team, preparing for a high visibility presentation, etc. Includes three one-hour in-person and/or virtual meetings.

Career Strategy Coaching is customized, and may focus on, but is not limited to identifying and outlining personal goals; ensuring alignment of goals with knowledge, skills and experience; developing search strategy and tools; evaluating potential in current firm and developing a career strategy for upward mobility; understanding how to develop and leverage contacts; evaluating the ROI of search efforts; and preparing for interview(s) and offer negotiations.

Three Month Executive Coaching provides an executive with a battery of standardized leadership self-assessment instruments and a development plan. Typical engagements include preparing for your next level of executive leadership, influencing key stakeholders, addressing a specific leadership opportunity or challenge, etc. Includes regularly scheduled in-person/virtual coaching sessions and self-assessment instruments.

Six Month Executive Coaching provides an executive with a battery of standardized leadership self-assessment instruments, 360 feedback and a development plan. Typical engagements include preparing for your next level of executive leadership, leading an organizational change, changing career direction, etc. Includes regularly scheduled in-person/virtual coaching sessions, 360 feedback and self-assessment instruments.


To inquire about fees and learn more about Executive Coaching, email sronning@womenintheboardroom.com.

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