Women in the Boardroom Hosts Illuminating 9th Annual Board Assembly!

Springtime at Women in the Boardroom brought more than just warmer weather! Last week, we hosted our Spring 2021 virtual Annual Board Assembly! Our last ABA was also virtual and successful beyond belief, so we chose to follow a similar format as we begin to emerge from the pandemic!

We were thrilled to host such a highly interactive experience filled with lively conversation, polls, and breakout sessions. Participants thoroughly enjoyed making true connections and discussing trending topics. For us, our screens were not a limitation but rather a unique opportunity to delivering an intimate and inspirational experience for our members and attendees.

The event, hosted by our captivating leader, Women in the Boardroom President and Founder, Sheila Ronning, and our inspiring WIB CEO, Leslie Dukker Doty, was touted, by members as engaging, interesting, and motivating.

The virtual ABA kicked-off with nearly 100 eager attendees comprised of connectors, influencers and Women in the Boardroom members. With WIB’s unwavering commitment to furthering diversity and inclusion, we are awestruck at attendance including a record number of women of color, a result of WIB’s diversity initiative of increasing and extending membership to minorities through reinvigorated our recruitment practices.

A hallmark feature of the virtual event were the multiple opportunities for Women in the Boardroom Members to practice and strengthen their board-level elevator pitch. They were able to confront areas of uncertainty and gain confidence in positioning their unique value-add for board positions. Additionally, hearing how others present themselves provided inspiration, insight, and a sense of unity.

One elated attendee expressed, “I enjoyed the discussion and the opportunity to share my elevator pitch. The mix of gender and tenure of attendees added a great deal of value to the occasion!”

In addition to rich, varied networking opportunities, we facilitated a space that allowed participants to showcase their wide-ranging thought leadership and learn from one another. Attendees discussed and brainstormed ideas regarding timely issues currently facing corporations including making boards more diverse, the implications of the pandemic today and into the future, and women’s voices being heard in the boardroom.

One attendee commented, “The small breakouts were ideal for allowing substantive discussions.” While another remarked, “A pleasure to be a part of this event. What an array of incredible talent, I always take some new perspectives away from listening to the discussions.”

The virtual setting offered plenty of time for rich, in-depth dialogue and interaction among attendees and special guests. But the action and connections doesn’t stop there. Almost attendees indicated they plan to reach out to one or more of the connections they met at the event. Key to the event’s ROI, we love that networking continues even after our Annual Board Assembly concluded.

The enthralling three-hour experience, graciously sponsored by Troutman Pepper, a firm dedicated to diversity and inclusion, achieving Mansfield Rule 3.0 Plus Certification, is part of WIB’s mission of looking to effect long-lasting change within the corporate boardroom through diversity and gender parity initiatives.

With every single one of attendees indicating they are likely to recommend the experience to friends and colleagues, we plan to host an additional virtual Annual Board Assembly this upcoming November.

Additionally, Doty announced the launch of Women in the Boardroom’s digital platform, “Score Your Board Seat,” A step-by-step guide to support those on their journey to achieve a seat on the board.

For more information about Women in the Boardroom, or to be notified of future events, please reach out to membership@womenintheboardroom.com