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Looking for a Corporate Board Member?

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your board objectives. Each and every engagement we see as an opportunity to exercise meaningful conversation and curation. From the initial conversation to the final director selection, the process is defined by its transparency, creativity and potential to add value to your board and brand. Our results speak for themselves but we want your results to act as confirmation as well.

Our certainty of purpose, unconditional commitment to your specific needs, and unqualified satisfaction in our shared results are guaranteed. Our partnership is about passion. Our excitement in knowing that you will be satisfied, dare we say thrilled, is a large part of our motivation and our success. The next step is for you to provide us with the information requested on the form below. We will be in touch with you shortly after.

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Align your executive search brand with the senior-level membership and prestige brand of Women in the Boardroom®. We offer the opportunity of having the logo, description of your firm and contact information on both our ‘Submit a Board Opening’ page where companies submit their corporate board opening information to us, and our ‘Current Board Openings‘ page where senior-level executive women visit to learn about corporate board openings. In the last few years, less than 25% of the 170+ board openings we received used a search firm.

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Our board openings are as diverse as our VIP Members. Below is a sampling of the top industries.


  • 31%Financial Services
  • 21%Consumer Goods
  • 14%Technology
  • 10%Industrial Goods
  • 10%Healthcare
  • 7%Utilities
  • 10%Industrial Goods
  • 10%Healthcare
  • 7%Utilities


We’ve seen significant growth year after year in the amount of companies coming to us in search of board members. In 2018, we saw a 104% increase in corporate board seat notifications as compared to 2017.

50% of all of the corporate board opening notifications we receive are from mid and large-cap companies.

Over 30% of our membership is composed of Women of Color.


A qualified financial expert will always be needed on a board, but the good news, for women especially, is that we are seeing a much larger variety of skill sets that boards are looking for. In fact, in 2018, only 7% of board openings that came to us were seeking a qualified financial expert. And, the good news continues. Less than 17% of the board openings we received required experienced corporate board members.


Working your own network using our networking process will always give you the biggest ROI in landing your board seat, but some of our members have landed their board seat through our network and the opportunities we have shared with them.