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Board Information & Suggestions

Board Announcements

As with all of our board announcements, this position is compensated. The details about the company disclosed in this email is the only information we have for you at this time. Most of the openings we receive are from the network that we’ve created and have built for many years, and we commit that we will keep the name of the company confidential. Corporate board seats are a hot commodity and are not posted to a public forum.

When It’s Appropriate To Share This Information

If you don’t fit these qualifications but know of another woman who does, please forward this info to them and cc us on the email. We will connect with that person about becoming a VIP Member so they may also have the opportunity to submit their information for this and other board openings.

Be Sure To

As a reminder, you should always do your own due diligence on the target company both before a preliminary call/meeting and when you’re making your final decision to join the board. We are happy to provide these board opening opportunities to you as we receive them, and while we do communicate with the company, we do not conduct due diligence on the companies we present. If you need help preparing for your interview, please watch Ten Essential Questions to Always Ask in a Board Interview and Onboarding. If you still have questions after watching, please contact us.

Further Communication

If we have any updates from the company on the board opening and it relates to you, we will let you know. If you are not hearing from us, it is because we have not heard from them concerning their interest in you.

Request For Interview

When you are appointed to a board via the Women in the Boardroom network, you will be contacted for an interview in regards to your board journey.

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Since 2002, we have been the experts that help you get your seat at the table. We provide a customized step-by-step approach to getting on your 1st, 2nd or 3rd corporate board that includes exclusive programs such as our Matchmaking Program™, Annual Board Assembly and proven networking process. And with nearly 50% of our VIP Members serving on corporate boards, our proven process works!

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