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Tips from Stuart Levine on Public Board Candidacy

Stuart Levine is chairman and CEO of Stuart Levine & Associates, an international strategic planning and leadership developing company. He currently serves on the board of Broadridge Financial Solutions as the chair of their nominating/governance committee and is a member of the nominating/governance advisory council for National Association of Corporate Directors. Here are a few of his tips:

Levine’s advice to board candidates is to ask yourself, “How am I going to add value to this corporation?” He adds that there are many people who want to get on boards and you must make yourself stand out from the rest by noting and expressing exactly how you are going to add value as a board member. Levine suggests doing your homework and expressing specific ideas that are beneficial to the company.

Interviews are extremely powerful. This first impression is important- it will show the company how you are going to benefit them being on the board. Do your research and study the company. Understand what direction the business is going, how you see it moving ahead, and how you will be a valuable asset to the board.

Understanding the culture of the company and the ways they communicate and problem solve are crucial when deciding if you would be a good fit for the board. This is also essential for creating a common connection to the fellow board directors. Knowing this information will help determine which professional experience and situations to highlight during your interview and showcase you as a valued addition to the culture of the board and company as a whole.


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