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Prioritizing Your Board Journey During The COVID-19 Shutdown

Prioritizing Your Board Journey During The COVID-19 Shutdown

As the COVID-19 pandemic has grown in severity over the past few months and weeks, I have no doubt that, like everyone, you’ve had to rearrange your life in some manner or another. Perhaps you are now working from home, your partner, children, or animals as your coworkers, and you’re reading this from either your home office or the makeshift setup you threw together last weekend as the closure and quarantine notices rolled in.

And as we try to keep up with constantly changing events, you may also find yourself scrolling through the endless content on the virus. Adjusting to this new normal, you may actually have extra time as the day to day distractions of your office  and your daily commute are things of the recent past. And like many women, you may be observing how corporate boards are dealing with this crisis and thinking how you might handle it from a corporate board seat. Well, now’s your time to show up, stand up, and speak up, virtually that is.

At Women In The Boardroom, we know that if more women are engaged in board service it’s better for the bottom line. Why? Because women ask questions. We analyze and problem-solve, inspiring more discussion around an issue. And now, more than ever, we need these critical skills during this unprecedented time.

Now is Your Time

I realize that the idea of taking the first step toward accepting your first offer as a corporate board member may seem daunting, and it’s not my expectation that you fulfill the steps to getting there today – You don’t have to walk around the entire block alone; but now might be the perfect opportunity to completely unplug from your other responsibilities, even if for just 15 minutes a day, and dedicate time to obtaining your board seat.

Consider that we’re all busy, but we get done what we prioritize.

We’re here to assist you by providing you with or acting as your resource to help you build a board bio, professional profile, and your value add. These resources include webinars discussing current boardroom topics like polishing your personal brand, or the very relevant and upcoming Corporate Governance During Financial Distress.

You’ll also have access to a number of VIP check-ins with me and other members to discuss your board journey process or listen in on how others are navigating theirs.

Membership Benefits For Corporate Board Service

Additionally, membership at Women In The Boardroom extends you access to our exclusive corporate board network in which you’ll receive board opening notifications. In the last three years, for the public and private company board openings we’ve received, we’ve made over 2,000 connections to our members. You’ll also attend our Annual Board Assembly, a structured networking event, connecting you with event boardroom experts, influencers, and connectors.

It’s important to keep in mind that every time you say yes to something else, you say no to taking the first step on your board journey with Women In The Boardroom. Reach out to me directly to find out how you might get started.

Sheila Ronning, Women in the Boardroom Founder

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