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Women in the Boardroom™ board opening stats for 2018

2018 Stats From Women in the Boardroom


  • In 2018, VIP Members saw a 104% increase in the amount of corporate board seat openings that we shared with them compared to 2017
  • 62% of 2018’s shared board seats were for public companies
  • 24% of these seats were for large cap companies, 17% were mid cap, and 14%, each, were small and micro cap
  • Only 17% of the corporate board seats we shared required that applicants be experienced corporate board members, down 5% from 2017
  • In 2018, only 4.76% of these notifications required applicants to be qualified financial experts
  • The top skills sought of applicants for our 2018 notifications were senior-level and/or c-suite executive experience (61.9% combined)
  • Other skill-sets and/or experience that boards were seeking in 2018 include e-commerce/omni-channel, technology, sales/marketing, and experienced corporate board member
  • Companies also sought candidates with financial services, technology, healthcare, and retail industry experience in 2018
  • The sector of the companies coming to us with board openings are a diverse mix, with finance companies topping the list followed by consumer goods, technology, healthcare, and industrial goods
  • 40% of the VIP Members who submitted their board documents for these openings were invited to interview, and 6% were asked to join the board for those openings.
  • More than half (57%) of the board seat notifications we received were from third parties, 28% were directly from the board, 11% were private equity firms, and 4% were mutual fund companies
  • The board opening notifications from 2018 yielded a total of 430 connections – 118 being from private companies and 312 from public

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