#SheilaSays series on the basics of board service

Common concerns we hear at WIB, answered by Sheila Ronning

What are the different types of boards?

The media seems to only write about the Fortune 500 boards, but very few men or women are qualified for these. The good news is that there are thousands of other boards. These include smaller public boards, a large variety of private boards, and advisory boards, although not all in each category are the same. For example, private boards could include family-owned businesses, equity-backed, partnerships and more. And advisory boards are not just for start-ups – there are a lot of larger boards (including F500 companies) that have advisory boards.

Will serving on a non-profit board help me land a corporate board seat?

Serving on a non-profit board might help you secure a seat on a corporate board. But if you’re going to serve on a non-profit board and reference it for this reason, make sure it’s a large non-profit board. You should also make sure it’s well-run so that you’re learning the corporate governance, and also ensure that you are passionate about the mission, that you’ll take on a leadership role, and that there are men serving at that table as well.

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