Getting Compensation Right

Recorded webinar

Getting Compensation Right: A Never-Ending Task

The process of getting CEO and executive compensation right can be a task that has no end. Join our three boardroom experts to learn how to make this important responsibility less daunting. During this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why it is so hard to get compensation right
  • How the compensation committee works
  • Leading practices on director compensation


Brendan Sheehan, Denise Kuprionis, Deborah Hicks Midanek Bailey

Date & Time

November 11, 2015
12:00 PM ET

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About the Speakers

Brendan Sheehan

Managing Director at Rivel Research Group

Brendan Sheehan is a business consultant, strategy analyst, business development professional and leading expert in corporate governance, executive compensation, investor engagement and compliance. He engages with boards and management, advising them in the areas of executive compensation, board structure, shareholder engagement, enterprise risk, business strategy and proxy voting issues.

As Managing Director of Corporate Governance at Rivel Research Group he provides detailed insight into the minds of institutional investors and helps companies gain a sophisticated understanding of complex local and global governance issues and how they relate to voting and investment decisions.

In his previous role at GGA Inc, he specialized in the strategic review, valuation and design of compensation and corporate governance programs that support organizational strategy and objectives, as well as shareholders’ interests.

As Senior Adviser with Caliber Corporate he helped guide companies on creating powerful and effective corporate messaging.

He was formerly Editorial Director at NACD Directorship, where he oversaw editorial content for a broad range of publications and website activities. As Executive Editor at Corporate Secretary magazine he created the highly successful Corporate Governance Awards – now in its 8th year.

In addition he created and launched the Canadian Governance Excellence Awards in conjunction with CSCS and founded the highly-regarded Governance Exchange series.

His other professional experience includes being Senior analyst with BoardEx in London and senior capital markets analyst at MCM CorporateWatch, specializing in high-yield bonds and asset-backed securities.

Denise Kuprionis

Founder of The Governance Solutions Group

Denise Kuprionis founded The Governance Solutions Group, a board advisory practice. She has sat on both sides of the board table, director & C-suite. She has presented and written on governance matters and is a respected board governance leader.

Denise breaks down the complexity of good board governance and helps directors become more effective at empowering management to grow great companies that benefit shareholders, employees, customers and vendors; and this makes our communities stronger. Her practical understanding of how boards work allows her to engage directors and help them adapt effective governance practices that fit within their unique company cultures.

Denise’s executive background is in the media field, with The E.W. Scripps Company/Scripps Networks Interactive where she was a member of the senior executive team; bringing corporate governance, legal, compensation and management development, compliance, ethics and risk management skills to the table as the company forged a strategy for a rapidly changing business environment. After 32 years, and spinning networks to its shareholders, she retired from Scripps, rewired, and founded GSG.

Deborah Hicks Midanek Bailey

Corporate Director and Executive

Deborah Hicks Midanek Bailey is a seasoned corporate director and executive with a long record of successful leadership in challenging situations. Well known for her corporate turnaround achievements, she has diagnosed the sources of difficulty and crafted robust solutions for over 60 companies in a variety of industries. She has started, grown, rebuilt, managed and sold multiple enterprises, and has brought her expertise in strategy, operations, risk mitigation and capital markets to the oversight of 15 companies as director. She has served as chairman of the board for 4 companies and has chaired multiple compensation, nominating & corporate governance, strategic planning and special independent committees.

As director and executive, she is driven by understanding the customer experience. She then works to ensure that the people and processes needed to support and deliver a clearly understood value proposition are in place and functioning well. Deborah’s wise counsel has assisted leaders and would-be leaders from many walks of life to realize great success, and under her guidance companies, people, and processes are encouraged to constantly improve. Even in high stakes, contentious situations, her hallmark is her ability to help people work together by bringing focus to common goals and charting a systematic approach to resolution. She works consistently to bring positive results from every situation she encounters.

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