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Wise Women Rise to the Top

There’s a big difference between being smart and being wise. Those who rise to the top, whether male or female, require wisdom, but that means different things to each of the sexes. Futurist Edie Weiner will discuss what brain imaging research is telling us regarding the male and female brain, and what that means for your future. During this session, you will learn:

• How brain/gender differences lead men to think efficiently and women to think effectively
• The difference between a world viewed spatially and a world viewed interrelationally
• The implications for professional roles and relationships
• What leadership is really about, and why that affects the genders differently





Edie Weiner

Date & Time

March 25, 2015
6:00 PM ET


Anchin Block & Anchin LLP on the 23rd floor of 1375 Broadway (between 37/38) in NYC

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About the Speaker

Edie Weiner

President of Weiner, Edrich, Brown, Inc.

Edie Weiner is president of Weiner, Edrich, Brown, Inc., a leading futurist consulting group. Formed in 1977, WEB has served over 400 clients in identifying opportunities in strategic thinking, product development, marketing, investment, human resources, and change management. WEB clients have ranged from national governments to Fortune 500 companies.. She is acknowledged as one of the most influential practitioners of social, technological, political and economic intelligence-gathering.

Edie directed the first industry-wide futures research program in the early 1970s. At 29, she was the youngest outside woman ever elected to a corporate board. She has guest lectured at many prestigious institutions, including Wharton, Harvard, The U.S. Army War College, the Naval War College and the World Economic Forum in Davos. Her many articles have appeared in publications like The Harvard Business Review, The Futurist, and The Wall Street Journal. She co-authored four books with her business partner Arnold Brown. Her latest book, FutureThink, was a global bestseller, translated into many languages. She has keynoted over 300 conferences.

Throughout her career, she founded and ran a series of programs aimed at mentoring inner city girls, bringing technology to inner city classrooms, preserving modern dance and networking women at various stages in their lives and careers.

She now serves on numerous Boards and Advisory Boards, including the US Comptroller General’s Advisory Board, GOSO (Getting Out and Staying Out), The Belizean Grove and the Adventures for the Mind Foundation. In the past, she has served on over 20 additional Boards or Advisory Boards, including the José Limón Dance Foundation (Chair), UNUM Corporation, First Unum Corp., CompUSA, the Fashion Group International, ThinkQuest New York City (Chair), Boardroom Inc., the SyFy Channel, Independent Agents & Brokers of New York, the Women’s Leadership Exchange, and the Women’s Forum. Ms. Weiner is a member of the Women’s Forum, a co-founder of the Belizean Grove and Women Corporate Directors, and has received over 30 awards and citations, including the Fashion Group International’s Entrepreneur of the Year (1998), NOW New York’s 2011 Woman of Power and Influence, and The World Future Society’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

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