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Deciphering the Gender Code: He Said, She Said

Communication is an essential component to achieving success. However, men and women do communicate differently, almost as if they are speaking in code. There may be stereotypes and biases, but the truth is, it’s a matter of neurology.  Men and women are wired differently.  When you understand the different communication cues, then you can properly decipher the gender code and improve your influence and effectiveness exponentially. At this face-to-face event with Maria Gamb, we will learn:

  • Simple tools that will help you unlock the gender communication code
  • How to increase your power to influence others
  • How to improve the effectiveness of your meetings, networking and negotiations


Maria Gamb

Date & Time

December 11, 2013
6:00 PM ET


KPMG at 345 Park Avenue (between 51st & 52nd) in New York, NY 10154

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About the Speaker

Maria Gamb

Executive Coach & Business Consultant for NMS Communications LLC

A born and bred New Yorker, Maria Gamb served for twenty-plus years as an executive in businesses valued at more than 100 million dollars. Companies she worked for included Macy’s, Geoffrey Beene, Liz Claiborne, and Polo-Ralph Lauren in roles such as Designer, Product Manager and Director. Maria has also lived in both England and Australia as well as working extensively internationally.

She is founder of NMS Communications, where she mentors executives and entrepreneurial women to be powerful and influential leaders who innovate and create profitable businesses. Maria brings her 20 plus years of global experience to others, helping corporate leaders and entrepreneurs reclaim their ability to lead dynamic businesses steeped in values, communication, collaboration and teamwork. She has been called the “Rubik’s Cube” of business due to her unique ability to break down problems, roadblocks and challenges into the smallest pieces, then reassemble those businesses and leaderships into a fully functioning profitable form. She is a sought after consultant to business owners who want to bring tangible hard products into the mass market place. She also sits on the board of directors of several female owner start-ups and middle market companies.

Maria Gamb is known for her straightforward, honest and often humorous approach to building business relationships and leadership that gets results. She is a champion of women, business and value-based leadership as a sought after consultant to entrepreneurial and executive women.

She is a monthly contributor to Forbes magazine, co-hosts a national radio show and has been featured on the Wall Street Journal radio network, Inc magazine and Times Business. She speaks internationally, hosts numerous workshops and the powerhouse “Value to Vision Retreat.”  Her first book Healing The Corporate World quickly became an Amazon Top 10 Best Seller in the category of business leadership within hours of release. She has also been a contributor to three additional books.

She is a die-hard Yankee’s fan, passionate world traveler, and avid foodie. Maria is notorious for her fierce homemade biscotti. You will find any or all of these interests woven into her presentations.


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