Activist Investors & Corporate Boards

Past in-person event

Activist Investors & Boards – An Invaluable Dynamic in Corporate Governance & Strategy

Shareholder activism has been, and will continue to be, a powerful tool in effective corporate governance and preserving shareholder value.  Our panel of experts come from a wide array of disciplines (directors, advisors, activist leaders) and will lead an important conversation that covers the following topics:

  • Why activism is here to stay
  • How the growth of activist investors & activist strategies has raised the bar in the boardroom, challenging directors to further explore balancing their fiduciary responsibilities with company growth objectives & accompanying risks
  • The evolving concerns & issues of activism, the new players entering the arena & the now-current focuses
  • How boards can use activism to address the issues, learn from the discourse & be more effective going forward




Sharon Egilinsky, Matthew Patsky, Lynda Davey, Patricia Lenkov, Jey Tiourchi, Kathleen Fisher, Steven Khadavi, Ian Haft

Date & Time

November 18, 2014
3:00 PM ET


Bernstein Global Wealth Management on the 41st floor of 1345 Avenue of the Americas in NYC (between W 54/55th)

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About the Speakers

Sharon Egilinsky

Chairman of the Board at University Settlement & CEO of SRE Solutions, LLC

Matthew Patsky

Partner & CEO at Trillium Asset Management

Lynda Davey

CEO of Avalon Net Worth & Chairman of Avalon Securities, Ltd.

Patricia Lenkov

President of Agility Executive Search

Jey Tiourchi

Head of Corporate Governance Content Strategy at Thomson Reuters

Kathleen Fisher

Head of the Wealth & Investment Planning Group & National Managing Director at Bernstein Global Wealth Management



Steven Khadavi

Partner at Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Ian Haft

Partner at Cornwall Capital Management LP

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