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So You Want to be a Corporate Board Director

So you want to be a Corporate Board Director.  To stand out among the crowd, you’ll need a marketing plan to take you to the boardroom.  To define your plan, you should be able to answer the five following questions, which we will discuss in greater detail during this event with William Brown:


  • What are you?
  • Why should they believe you?
  • What makes you different from everyone else?
  • What is important to you?
  • What are your targets?




William Brown

Date & Time

October 21, 2014
12:00 PM ET


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About the Speaker

William Brown

SVP & USA Practice Leader of the International Center for Executive Options at Lee Hecht Harrison

As Senior Vice President – USA Practice Leader for LHH’s International Center for Executive Options (ICEO), Bill Brown is responsible for leading this boutique career transition consulting organization focused on an organization’s most senior executives. ICEO exists within LHH’s Global Career Transition business and provides individualized and unique transition services to the most senior level executives.


Having joined LHH in 2001, Bill’s extensive senior management, marketing, sales and law experience with Fortune 50 and 500 companies has enabled him to successfully work with senior level clients. His business savvy across multiple industry verticals and functional roles, with Board and Advisor participation in the Biotech Industry, coupled with acquiring and running a nationally distributed food products business, has served his clients well.


Prior to joining LHH, Bill was a CEO, COO, President, General Manager and Group Executive for diverse small ($10 million) to large ($1 billion plus) businesses, including Nabisco, Culbro Corporation and Fleetwood Snacks. Bill has been an Operating Group Executive and member of the Office of the Chief Executive, as well as responsible for Corporate Strategic Planning and Business Development. Bill’s group management responsibilities included a state of the art Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Company, a Printing and Shrink Film Manufacturing Company, an Injection Molding and Horticultural Products business.


Bill is a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors (New York City Chapter) and a founding Partner of the CEO Trust. He has a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University; a Master’s degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Business; and a Juris Doctorate from the Stetson University School of Law. He is a former member of the Florida Bar and retired from the New York Bar.

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