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Personal Branding

Discover how to demystify your personal brand in this essential webinar from Dani Ticktin Koplik.  Join us and learn the following about personal branding:


  • Why it is much talked about, but rarely understood
  • Where it comes from
  • What it means
  • Why it’s the mother of all power tools in your tool kit
  • Creating it deliberately
  • Projecting it effectively
  • Protecting it fiercely
  • The role of intention, clarity and commitment




Dani Ticktin Koplik

Date & Time

March 5, 2013
12:00 PM ET


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About the Speaker

Dani Ticktin Koplik

Principal of dtkResources

Dani Ticktin Koplik, principal of dtkResources, is a results-winning, certified executive & performance coach, speaker, writer and professional development expert. Her high-impact, high-return programs, conducted from a proprietary platform with roots in brain science and adult learning theory,  are designed for rapid results.


In addition to offering one-on-one coaching and mentoring, Ms. Koplik has particular expertise in educating and training today’s multi-generational and diverse workforce on the professional, self-management and critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in a newly imagined and highly competitive business environment.


Her programs, customized for niche constituencies such as executive & high potential women,  Millennials, transitioning veterans and educational thought leaders,  drill down on core 21st Century competencies and skills with an appreciation for the distinct mindsets, customs and most importantly, blindspots of individual sectors.


Specifically, Ms. Koplik is the creator of Women At the Verge, a program designed to help professional women unpack their thinking,  showcase their skills, exercise their options, break through perceived limits and  finally just “take their seats.”


With a unique focus on individual responsibility &  choice, anti-silo thinking, stripping away artifice and navigating the straightest line between two points, all of Ms. Koplik’s programs — including bubble2boardroom for emerging professionals and Turning Welcome Home into Welcome Aboard for transitioning veterans – dispense with stale paradigms to effect real change in real time.


Ms. Koplik also: is a mentor, frequent guest lecturer and moderator for her alma mater, Brown University; has conducted seminars and webinars on professional development for Brown University, New York University, Rutgers University, Bank of America, JPMorganChase, Women For Hire, Linde and the National Venture Capital Association; was a guest speaker at Rutgers’ Center for Urban Entrepreneurship, the Oregon Department of Education’s College and Career Symposium, The Texas Governor’s Conference for Women and Women For Hire’s Career Boot Camp; writes a biweekly column on workplace issues for North Jersey Media; has appeared in, Crain’s and the Financial Times; consults on character education and professional development for high schools; is a pro-bono coach for the veterans’ MC 4 LinkedIn group;  works with both Watermark and Women in the Boardroom to prepare executive women for seats on boards of directors and recently appeared on ABC News Now, outlining how veterans should prepare for success in the civilian workplace.

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