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Fiduciary vs. Non-Fiduciary: Where the True Power in a Board Lies

When beginning your journey into corporate board service, it is important to think about the path you want to take to get you to your ultimate destination. Advisory boards are a great place to gain knowledge about serving. This webinar will answer the following questions about fiduciary vs. non-fiduciary opportunities:


• What are the differences between private equity-backed company boards, family boards and privately-held company boards?
• How do the time and expertise required vary between fiduciary and non-fiduciary opportunities?
• Is there a difference in compensation amounts?
• What are some time-saving ideas to find these board opportunities?




Bob Arciniaga

Date & Time

August 11, 2014
10:30 AM ET


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About the Speaker

Bob Arciniaga

Founder & Managing Partner of Advisory Board Architects, LLC

Bob Arciniaga is the Founder and Managing Partner of Advisory Board Architects, LLC. Founded in 2005, ABA is a minority-owned business that builds, maintains and manages advisory boards and corporate boards of directors. ABA’s expertise is in how to effectively and efficiently leverage fiduciary and non fiduciary boards for maximum impact and return for organizations and the board members. ABA’s proprietary Board Engagement system is designed to address the lack of quantifiable strategic impact that many organizations fail to measure, leverage or receive from their boards. ABA has developed a first-of-its-kind scalable process that turns a board into a quantifiable asset with a measured ROI. We accomplish this through a unique four-step process that starts by designing the board for specific strategic information, then building the board with the right board members to meet strategic objectives, leveraging the board through a highly disciplined management process and finally evaluating its effectiveness  and financial impact and translating that into a ROI. ABA works with both private companies and publicly-traded companies from $20mm in revenues to $20bil and we run boards for companies in the US, Europe, Latin America and Asia. Since our inception, ABA is proud to have had over 550 board meetings run on our proprietary platform in 13 countries and 4 different languages.


Mr. Arciniaga is centered in the entrepreneurial world as a leader, business owner and investor. His roots in business started at a very young age. His grandmother founded one of the largest tortilla and pan dulce manufacturing companies in the United States in the garage of their home in East Los Angeles in 1948.  Bob grew up in the family business with his father, aunt, mother, cousin and grandparents who were all actively involved in the business until it was sold. With his first-hand knowledge of working in a family-owned business environment, he headed off to work on Wall Street becoming one of the youngest and often only Latino institutional equity traders. His thirst for learning and advancement opportunities lead him to the role as head trader for a large hedge fund where he developed his own algorithmic trading systems and  headed up quaint trading operations. Some of these proprietary methodologiesa re the basis of what is now part of the ABA evaluation and selection processes of board member candidates.


Bob is a recognized thought leader in building strategically impactful boards and speaks at many events for boards of directors and organizations. He has spoken to many different groups and has been interviewed and highlighted in publications and shows.

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