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James Mengacci, President of Thurston Mengacci

I had the pleasure of participating in the 2015 Women in the Boardroom Annual Board Assembly, and I was impressed with the organization, its members and supporters. This is truly a passionate and gifted group of individuals; the women are motivated and highly qualified for corporate board service in their respective areas of expertise. These executives and entrepreneurs are prepared to immediately bring value to boards of directors. Women in the Boardroom is an invaluable resource to everyone seriously searching to enhance any board of directors.

Frank Skuthan, Sr. Banker

I was impressed by both the structure and the organization of the Annual Board Assembly and the quality of the members in attendance. The breadth and depth of their experience along with their accomplishments tell me you will be successful in achieving your organization’s goals. I support and applaud your efforts and have already developed a list of women executives that I will refer to Women in the Boardroom.

Orville G. Aarons, President of Catskill Hudson Bank

I know of no other organization whose membership is made up of as many motivated, high-caliber executives, that have desire and potential to add significant value to corporate boards. WIB and its members are definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Elizabeth Satin, SVP & Head of M&A, Wolters Kluwer

Being a VIP Member of Women in the Boardroom helped me develop my board portfolio and get familiar with current board issues. I found their networking process and the assistance with my elevator pitch to also be very helpful. Through WIB, I was ready and confident for board interviews and now I am excited about my new role as a public corporate board director.

Caroline Tsay, Chief Digital Officer & VP,Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Director of Rosetta Stone & TravelZoo

Sheila and Women in the Boardroom have been an incredible resource for me.  From setting up check-ins to crafting plans of action, Sheila motivates me to stay on track to reach milestones and goals.  When I was appointed to my first corporate board, I had many questions about being an effective board member.  As an example, I wanted to learn more about the right ways to interact with the CEO, Chairman and the Board.  Women in the Boardroom offered several avenues to get up to speed, including connections to existing public board directors and brainstorming sessions with Sheila on all types of questions I had for board membership.  Through these resources, I learned a great deal and became better prepared for my first board meeting.

Another example of Women in the Boardroom being an incredible resource is when Sheila brought a VIP Member board opening notification for an online travel company to my attention and said, “Caroline, you’ve got to submit an application and apply for this. Please send in your information.”  I’m excited to say that I’ve been appointed to the board of TravelZoo, and this is, again, with the help of Sheila and Women in the Boardroom.  I wouldn’t have had access to this opportunity if it weren’t for the insider membership and access to board openings.