Prepare for corporate board service...

With Board Coaching from Women in the Boardroom.

In addition to the Board Coaching sessions which may be included in your membership, Women in the Boardroom offers additional Board Coaching to provide a unique opportunity for senior-level women to advance and become valuable board leaders. You’ll identify your personal and organizational impact, gain insight into your differentiators, and gain the confidence you need to network, interview, and serve on boards. By establishing a customized framework which may include creating your board documents, and identifying your board value proposition and target board audience, WIB Board coaches will de-mystify board service. Our business and personal board service experience will provide clarity on your board skills and impact, guiding you through board interview preparation, and creating customized action-steps to take you into the boardroom. You’ll work one-on-one with our experienced board coaches to develop and launch a successful and customized campaign that readies you for service and captures the attention of board decision-makers.






Package includes:


– Board bio and board profile

– Customized formatting

– Customizable framework

– Sample cover letters


The content will reflect:


– Strengths in parallel with industry & business-model demand, direction, company life-cycle and trends

– Individual key differentiators a.k.a. your ‘claim to fame’

– Board, corporate, and entrepreneurial experience, not-for-profit and committee work, and any director or additive training





3-month package includes:


– Typical engagements include developing your board bio and profile

– Charting your board service roadmap

– Board of directors assessment to identify your director governing style and boardroom influence capabilities

– Identifying and learning to communicate your ‘board value proposition’

– Personalized networking strategy (including how to work effectively with search firms, nominating committees, and board of director influencers)

– Board interview strategy and practice

– Review and/or development of online presence

– Assessment & 1-year of membership in an international director’s registry


*Board Coaching Package extension of 3-months of additional service also available







3-session tune-ups are customized and may include:


– Review of board documents and refresh options

– Cover letter development

– Mock board interview

– Re-evaluate and refresh board value proposition

– Opportunity preparation and evaluation

– Deeper dive on networking strategy designed for those who have attained their first board seat and are looking for their next



Targeted coaching sessions are also available to address specific career and board preparation needs, opportunities and challenges. Contact John Danielowich at for more information.